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July 6, 2024

Permanent Blow Dry

Achieve Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair with a Permanent Blow Dry

Are you tired of battling frizzy, unmanageable hair every day? A permanent blow dry might be the perfect solution for you. This revolutionary hair treatment has become increasingly popular for its ability to transform frizzy, curly, or wavy hair into smooth, sleek, and manageable locks. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about this treatment, from its benefits and drawbacks to pricing and maintenance.

permanent blow dry

Understanding the Permanent Blow Dry

A permanent blow dry, also known as a Brazilian blow dry, uses a keratin-based solution to smooth and tame frizzy hair. This treatment does not leave your hair stick-straight but rather enhances its natural texture, reducing frizz and making it more manageable. The process involves applying the keratin solution to your hair, which is then sealed with heat. This method helps to strengthen and protect your hair, leaving it smooth and shiny.

Who Can Benefit from a Permanent Blow Dry?

It is ideal for anyone with frizzy, wavy, or curly hair looking for a long-lasting solution to achieve smoother hair. It’s especially beneficial for those who spend a lot of time styling their hair every day, as the treatment significantly reduces the need for daily heat styling.

How Long Does a it Last?

With proper care, the effects of a permanent blow dry can last up to three months. The key to maintaining the results is using the right hair care products, such as sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, and avoiding activities that can strip the keratin from your hair.

Is it Dry Good for Your Hair?

The treatment offers several benefits but also comes with some considerations:


  • Frizz Reduction: Dramatically reduces frizz, making hair smoother and more manageable.
  • Time-Saving: Cuts down on daily styling time, providing long-lasting results.
  • Enhanced Shine: Leaves hair looking shiny and healthy.


  • Chemical Exposure: Involves chemicals that may not be suitable for all hair types.
  • Cost: Can be expensive, depending on the salon and hair length.
  • Maintenance: Requires specific aftercare products to maintain results.

Permanent Blow Dry Price

The price of a permanent blow dry varies depending on several factors, including the salon, your location, and your hair length. On average, the cost ranges from AED 600 – AED 900.

Maintaining Your Permanent Blow Dry

To extend the life of your permanent blowdry, follow these aftercare tips:

  • Avoid Washing for 72 Hours: Allow the keratin to fully set by not washing your hair for the first three days.
  • Use Sulfate-Free Products: Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to prevent stripping the keratin from your hair.
  • Minimize Heat Styling: Reduce the use of heat styling tools to maintain the treatment’s effectiveness.
  • Regular Touch-Ups: Depending on your hair’s growth and condition, you may need touch-ups every 2-3 months.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Permanent Blow Dry


  1. Smooth and Manageable Hair: Makes hair easier to style and manage by eliminating frizz.
  2. Enhances Natural Texture: Smooths frizz while maintaining your hair’s natural wave or curl.
  3. Long-Lasting Results: Effects can last up to three months with proper care.


  1. Chemical Use: Involves chemicals that may not be suitable for everyone.
  2. High Cost: The initial cost can be high, with ongoing maintenance expenses.
  3. Specific Aftercare: Requires dedicated aftercare routines and products to maintain results.
  4. Potential Hair Damage: Incorrect application can lead to hair damage.


permanent blow dry price

Permanent Blow Dry vs. Traditional Hair Straightening

Unlike traditional hair straightening, which can leave hair looking flat, a permanent blow dry maintains volume and natural movement while eliminating frizz. The gradual fading of the treatment also avoids harsh grow-out lines, making it a more appealing option for many.


A permanent blow dry is an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair with minimal daily maintenance. With proper aftercare, the results can last up to three months, making it a worthwhile investment for many.

Transform your hair and simplify your styling routine with a permanent blow dry. Visit Ashtamudi Ladies Salon to consult with a professional stylist and see if this treatment is right for you. Achieve the sleek, shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember, beauty is not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good. Treat yourself to the luxurious experience your hair deserves at Ashtamudi Beauty Salon.

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