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Best Beauty Salon in Dubai

Looking for a top-notch beauty salon in Dubai? Che­ck out Ashtamudi Ladies Beauty Salon! We­’re a haven of beauty and re­laxation services, perfe­ct for those who Google “ladies be­auty salon near me.” What’s on offer? A wide­ array of premium beauty treatme­nts. Enjoy reviving facials, get glam with professional hair styling, pe­rfect your nails with flawless manicures, or me­lt stress away with calming massages. Our highly-skilled pros are­ all about making you feel fabulous. We ke­ep up with all the latest in be­auty too, mixed in with a personal touch – to kee­p you looking and feeling spot-on. So, why not try a beauty journe­y with us, designed just for you?

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    Ashtamudi ladies beauty salonDubai



    Best Beauty ladies Salon Near Me


    best nail salon near me




    Beauty starts from within,we can help

    Dubai’s premier destination for indulgent beauty services. Our team of highly skilled professionals is committed to providing personalized and impeccable treatments, ranging from hair care and skin treatments to makeup and nail services. Experience the luxury with best beauty salon near you.


    Nail Service Price List

    Gel Polish - 30 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Nail Manicure - 60 AED

    Nail Manicure

    Soft Gel Ext- 80 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Facial Service Price List

    Clean Up - 100 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Hydra Facial - 300 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Whitening Facial - 220 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Eyelash Enhancement Price List

    Eyelash Extension - 250 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Eyelash Lifting - 200 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Eyelash Lamination- 200 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Hair Service Price List

    Anti Dandruff - 200 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Highlight Per Streak - 30 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Hair Fall Treatment- 250 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Makeup Service Price List

    Bridal Makeup - 750+ AED

    Beauty Salon

    Simple Event - 200+ AED

    Beauty Salon

    Henna - 60+ AED

    Beauty Salon

    Waxing Service Price List

    Full Body - 250 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Full Arm - 65 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Full Leg - 100 AED

    Beauty Salon

    Ashtamudi Wellness – The Best Ladies Beauty Salon Near Me

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    Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle, a relaxing massage, or a refreshing facial, we have something for everyone and are always happy to help you achieve your beauty goals. Ashtamudi the best beauty salon near you.

      Best Beauty ladies Salon Near Me

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      Discover the Best Beauty Salon Near You in Dubai

      Welcome to our premier beauty salon in Dubai, conveniently located to serve you with excellence. When it comes to your beauty needs, we pride ourselves on being the go-to destination for impeccable services and exceptional customer care.

      At our beauty salon near you, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty and leave you feeling confident and glamorous. From stylish haircuts and professional hair coloring to luxurious facials and relaxing massages, our talented team of experts is dedicated to delivering outstanding results tailored to your individual preferences.


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